The Indoor Cats' Outdoor Adventure

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The Indoor Cats' Outdoor Adventure
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The Indoor Cats Outside Adventure
by Carl Rudolph Small

The Indoor Cats' Outdoor Adventure takes place during the course of one day. It tells the story of a cat that gets out of his house and overcomes his fear of the unknown, his shyness, and adversity, while meeting animals of the forest. A perilous situation arises that requires the animals work together to overcome it. The animals learn to become friends and take care of each other. Because of this, a Legend is made.

This book is for an audience of young children and is also a book that parents can read to children, making bonding and comfort time exciting for both parent and child.

The Indoor Cats' Outdoor Adventure is also a teaching tool to help children overcome the same fears that the twelve characters (animals) encounter, including talking to strangers. It is unique in the way it delivers the important lessons wrapped in a thrilling story that children will remember. Parents will cherish the time that they and their children spend together with this book.

About the Author:

Author Carl Rudolph Small grew up in a rural community, surrounded by forests and its animal inhabitants. He learned their ways.

The author is married. The author and his wife have a daughter whom they read to as a child. Their daughter and her husband now share that same love of reading with their son.

(2015, Paperback, 32 pages)