The Invasion

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The Invasion
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by Delores Elaine Hill Ever wonder what would happen if you awoke one morning and because of the events that took place on that day, your life would change forever? This is the story of Sandra Matheson, a Private Detective, and Rachel Kane, an Investigative Journalist. Two women who were once strangers join forces and form a sisterhood with each other in order to uncover an alien invasion plot of unprecedented proportion that no one could ever expect would happen. With determination and resourcefulness, these two women set out to battle a sinister threat against the people of planet earth. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The oldest of four siblings, Delores Elaine Hill lives in the United States. This first-time writer discovered her hidden talent later in life and has embraced it fully. She is looking forward to studying to become a better writer and hopefully write many more books people will enjoy reading. Her amazing imagination and love for science fiction has motivated her to write this story. In addition to her hidden talent for writing, she enjoys bowling, cooking, animals, and meeting people. (2008, paperback, 208 pages)