The Janitor

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The Janitor

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The Janitor
by Rocky Mandara

An abused teenaged boy and his friends are befriended by a man who teaches them how to box. After their friend is put on the spot and given a choice while the boys are involved in a competition, the now young adults see the bigger issues at hand and must harness their resources and all of their friends skills while they prepare to tell their friends story. The only problem is Paul Falcoe must finally face his past and who he really is while Deke is forced to make a decision of his own.

About the Author

Rocky is a former amateur boxer, model, and actor who appeared on the 80`s hit TV show Miami Vice. Rocky was trained by and is friends with former W.B.A. world lightweight champion Livingstone Bramble. Rocky has also had a life-long passion for power-lifting and has trained numerous people, young and old, to help them reach their fitness goals.

Rocky is also a gardening enthusiast, enjoys raising chickens for fresh eggs, is supportive to the green movement, and also enjoys organic growing. He likes to spend time getting in touch with his creative side for inspiration in writing by watching and spoofing movies and TV shows, people shopping, and just people in general There is a story all around you if you open your eyes.

He enjoys spending time with family and a very select group of friends but tends to enjoy his private time very much.

He is currently on a quest to reach a life-long goal of pressing 400 pounds in the bench-press; he accomplished a goal of 300 and saw 400 was not that much of a stretch, but injuries have been main cause of not getting there. Experience and time have shown him that nothing is out of reach.

(2011, paperback, 172 pages)