The Jenny Devareaux Chronicles Number 1

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The Jenny Devareaux Chronicles Number 1

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The Jenny Devareaux Chronicles Number 1
by Jennette King

Trust was not just a word; it was a way of life way back when

In the late fifties and early sixties, a group of colored kids grew up in a small rural community, where they faced many challenges. Read about their joys and their horrors and the courage it took to stand up for what is right, demanding justice for all.

This story is not about your typical stereotype black family you see depicted in many of todays TV shows. And this story is not about the era of the white man oppressing the colored man. Its about being human. Its about being friends no matter how diverse the roads are.

And believe it or not, in their neck of the woods, their white sheriff and his deputies didnt go about hunting down colored folks with hound dogs for sure sport. Learn just how the sheriff dealt with lawbreakers, white or colored.

You may be thinking I am an ignorant author, but Im far from it. I know all too well the stigma of racial upheaval, but it did not happen in Mills Creek.

So now enter the world of Jenny Devareaux. And if you were entertained by The Jenny Devareaux Chronicles Number 1, you will surely be entertained with installments 2 and 3.

Note to readers: The word colored is not intended to offend black people of today. It is simply the way it was back then.

About the Author

Jennette King lives in Mississippi with her husband and four dogs. She realizes that the most valuable asset she has is the ability to keep a secret, but when that secret threatens to take out her family and friends and everyone around her, she tells no matter the consequences.

(2010, paperback, 36 pages)