The Keeper and the Shadow

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The Keeper and the Shadow
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The Keeper and the Shadow
by Zuleika Bam

This book is about The Keeper. The Keeper is a magical creature that can control, create and manipulate the four elements. Four creatures were created with The Keeper, called Protectors. The Protectors, along with The Keeper, protect the followers of The Light against those of The Dark. When The Lights followers, with the help of The Keeper and Protectors had won the last battle, they received power over life and death over The Dark and its followers. The Light spared the followers of The Darks lives, only giving them a curse. A curse that could only be broken by the destroying of the prophesy that followed. Born from a fallen star, Alexandra (The Keeper) and her sisters (Protectors) arrival fulfills the long foretold prophesy given by The Light. Michael XV, king of the Gorgorians who follow The Dark, awaits the arrival of The Keeper in the hopes of killing it. When he searches and comes up empty-handed, he schemes and plots of ways to get what he wants. Michael XV sends one of his servants, Sky, to get The Keeper. In an attempt to capture Alexandra, one of her sisters, Rosella, is taken instead. It is now Alexs mission to get her sister back and get revenge on the one whod taken her.

About the Author

Zuleika Bam was born on January 12, 1995 in Witbank, South Africa. She went to Tallfees Primaty School until 2008. She is currently a scholar in Generaal Hertzog High School, Witbank, South Africa and will be graduating in 2013.She started with this book in 2010, when she was fifteen years old and finished it in 2011.

Zuleika wants to study English Literature when she is done with school. She really enjoys writing books, it is more than just a hobby; it is her passion. She hopes that you enjoy this book as much as she does.

(2013, paperback, 250 pages)