The Keys to Academic Success

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The Keys to Academic Success

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The Keys to Academic Success
by Dr. Arthur L. Ellis

Learning Code
Im Still Learning, Lord

I am still learning, Lord. As I humbly seek your face, I look around and see your glory and grace. I am still learning, Lord. As I sing your praise each night and day, I know in my heart you will show the way. My prayer is to keep my hand in yours, Dear Father. Keep in mindI am still learning, Lord. As I grow in your wisdom day-by-day, help me encourage others I meet along the way. As I learn to lean on your understanding and less on my own, grant me wisdom and favor as your word is made known. I am still learning, Lord. Dear Father, have mercy on me, I do humbly pray. As I propose to serve you and as I stumble along the way, please hide me in the depths of your heart and know that I love you; I have from the start. Just remember, Dear Father, as I take up the sword. Have mercy on me, for I am still learning, Lord.

About the Author

Arthur Ellis has received endorsements or degrees from Rockville University, Fayetteville State University, the University of Greenville, the University of Maryland, and Campbell University in English, U.S. History, psychology, philosophy, and theology. Ellis graduated with honors from Rockville University, where he received his masters in business. He also received his Ph.D. in education/special education from Rockville.

Ellis began teaching at Western High School in Lillington, North Carolina in 1986. He teaches English composition, literature, U.S. History, and Special Education. He also runs his own company, the Learning Lab, and serves as an educational consultant and motivational speaker and runs study-skills camps.

Ellis has had work published in several journals, including The English Journal and Poets Magazine.

(2009, paperback, 254 pages)