The Kingdom of God Come Upon You - eBook

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The Kingdom of God Come Upon You - eBook

The Kingdom of God Come Upon You

By: Richard Charles Carlson

About the Book

Author Richard Charles Carlson wrote this book for you to understand why things happen in this world whether it is good or bad. He wants other people to be happy and to accept others for who they are with love. You should have no room in your heart to hate anyone.

Carlson’s main focus is to try to have a better understanding of what the Bible is all about from the beginning to the end. He uses scripture to show proof of his belief through faith of why people exist and our purpose. In the book, Carlson writes about the events before and after this universe was created. His main focus is on Jesus Christ and the war with Satan for people to understand good and evil and to then know good and evil by examining themselves.

Carlson finds that everything in the Bible is very important, from the beginning to the end. He refers to it as “Jesus’ Book.” He discovers more about God’s kingdom by revelations through visage, dreams, and even through other people. Carlson sees the power of God’s kingdom through the peace in his heart that can only come from Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Carlson desires to bless his Father in the Highest of Heaven and gain more born-again children in His house. His Father wants all His children to have the knowledge of the wisdom of God, to join with Him in eternal life in Paradise forever. Carlson explains what kind of choice you want in life to be happy and how to rejoice forever.

Within this book, Carlson keeps a humble state of mind while writing about his testimonies of confessions, to live without guilt and shame, and to continually praise the Lord Jesus Christ with a clean mind. He wants you to live your life to the Most High God Almighty and to be happy as well.


(2018, eBook)