The Kingdom of Lillie Dillie

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The Kingdom of Lillie Dillie
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The Kingdom of Lillie Dillie
by Suzanne Dawson

This story takes the reader to a place of imagination. It entertains the child while teaching them a lesson at the same time. The characters will keep their interest with their rhyming names and colorful illustrations, which help tell the story. Both adult and child can enjoy time together in a place of make believe. It was important that there was a message in the pages of the story, yet I wanted to keep the story simple and fun.

About the Author

Suzanne Dawson was working part time in a daycare program after school and began to learn what children liked in books. This helped her out when it came time to write a book for her project. Thirty years later, the author came across the book and hopes to share it with others. She hopes you enjoy the book that so many of her friends have shared with their children.

Suzanne wrote The Kingdom of Lillie Dillie while a senior in high school. It was an assignment for her child development class. Suzanne received great reviews and a high grade.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)