The Land of Gloom and Doom

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The Land of Gloom and Doom
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The Land of Gloom and Doom
by Tina M. Lillibridge

Tina M. Lillibridges short stories are compilations of different people and things she has encountered in her life. The fearless leader represents past presidents that any person could relate to. Mathias in the treatment facility is a compilation of all the great writers she has seen come through her door. Jeb the tattoo man was also another compilation of different people that she has encountered and she knows others can relate to his personality in people they meet, know or are.

In 2009, Ms. Lillibridge moved to Laramie, Wyoming to pursue her bachelors degree in education with emphasis in teaching English to secondary level students. She graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2011 and landed a teaching job in a treatment facility teaching 7th to 12th graders.

To encourage students to write, Ms. Lillibridge would illustrate outlines of short stories. These would eventually be added to her collection in The Land of Gloom and Doom. She wanted her students to have fun with the writing process and gave a variety of different ways to write.

About the Author:

Tina M. Lillibridge was born in 1968 at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington State. She lived in Washington until 1982 then her family moved to Green River, Wyoming. She attended Green River High School and graduated in 1986. She attended Western Wyoming Community College starting in 1995 and earned her associates degree in 1998.

After Ms. Lillibridge earned her associates degree she worked for Sweetwater County School District # 2 for eleven years. During those eleven years she worked as a substitute teacher long and short term, a paraprofessional at Monroe Intermediate School for two years, back to substitute teaching long term and also was a homebound tutor for the high school.

(2016, Paperback, 78 pages)