The Land of the Boo-Boos

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9502-2
The Land of the Boo-Boos
by Jan Wessel The Land of the Boo Boos is in big trouble. Will it be saved by Mother or destroyed by Mr. Meanie? Will the children by able to ever go back to the Land of the Boo Boos? What will Mr. Meanie do to the children? Will Mother and the children just give up and give Mr. Meanie their land without a fight? Will Mr. Meanie turn into a good guy? (Yeah, Right!) So many questions! Lets started reading about the wonderful adventures of the children, Mother, and Mr. Meanie so we can find out what happens to all of them. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jan Wessel lives in the beautiful mountains of Tijeras, New Mexico, where she enjoys hiking and exploring old houses with her husband, Rory, and Louis, her teenage son. She also has a grown daughter and a granddaughter. Ms. Wessel loves watching the snowfall while she creates new characters for her stories. The Old West fascinates her how they lived, what they ate, how they dressed she loves it all. But most of all, she loves her writing and children who read it. (2004, paperback, 36 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.