The Last Granny

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The Last Granny
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The Last Granny: Journal of an Alzheimer's Daughter
by Claudia Jokinen

The Last Granny: Journal of an Alzheimer's Daughter is a celebration of the life of the authors mother. While Jokinen was truly saddened by her mothers death, the author was encouraged by the new beginning for her mother, the return to personal dignity and the removal of all pain. The authors mother was Amazing Grace, world traveler, and a Simon Legree educator, always seeming surer of herself than was supported by her inner confidence.

The author thanks her mother for her joyous, contagious laugh, for her elegant sense of style, for being wherever Jokinen was for all of her birthdays and for her mothers great ideas for interesting weekend and summer activities.

About the Author

Author Claudia Jokinen is a transplanted New Yorker now residing in North Carolina. She is a retired Human Resources executive, with service industry experience in addiction rehabilitation, manufacturing, hospitality, and education. Her passion for being an advocate and developmental counselor for a diverse population included lessons she provided at home to two now successful daughters. Jokinen is eager to explore the joys of relating both fiction and non-fiction stories as a new author and continuing to travel.

(2014, Paperback, 52 pages)