The Last Hanover

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The Last Hanover
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The Last Hanover
by Ihekweme Mbazike Anthony (M.I. Tony)

When the 1945 Allied invasion took its toll on Hanover Germany, no one had imagined a backlash traced to Africa. No one had imagined St Judkins College a sequestered Secondary School overlooking a tea plantation where many Cameroonians under the German and British colonialists, had cut their teeth on forced labour. No one had imagined a Hanover in Saint Judkins College. No one imagined it a Teutonic colonial relic. No one imagined it a sacred cow; a reprehensible tradition of campus brutality.

The Hanover, a time-honoured, tinderbox jinx, would break suddenly on the crossroad of a little boys destiny. Chinagoroms death is a living stone to kill two evil birds. In the light of the moments tragedy, the school, for the very first time, was awakened to the shocker of an age-old chink in the ark of the nations prestigious first Secondary School.

About the Author

Mbazike I. Tony attended St Josephs College, Sasse and International Secondary School/ ABSU in Africa from 1991 to 1997. A survivor of a New-Age, campus brutality, Mbazike calls time on the legendary, German-inspired Hanover. Mbazike, single, a medical scientist, presently lives in Malaysia. Nicknamed Diego Maradona for his soccer skills, Mbazike is just no stranger to adventure. He speedily and skillfully sets in motion fond memories, nostalgia, empathy and phobia, all rippling through this heart-stopping adventure of the one Hanover to end all Hanovers.

(2013, Paperback, 240 pages)