The Lesser Armageddon

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The Lesser Armageddon

The Lesser Armageddon

By: Tim Cox, Sr.

About the Book

Tim Cox Sr. has believed in God all of his life, but is not part of any particular Christian denomination.     

                Over the years, Cox has heard more ugly than pretty. In this book, however, he provides a different way of looking at earth’s future. It’s a far better way and a very possible way. He is no longer interested in ugly – because it doesn’t help.

                Easy to read and fun, The Lesser Armageddon provides hope for a better future.

About the Author

Tim Cox Sr. is a life resident of Bloomington, Indiana – sixty-nine years’ worth. He feels lucky to have grown up in such a great place.

                                Cox enjoys researching Bigfoot, UFOs, Thunderbirds, and other fun stuff. He writes science fiction. The Lesser Armageddon is his first book. He is currently working on a second, “Ain’t No Such Things.” His imagination is running to perfection, and he is having fun with it. He has more stories in mind – and is looking forward to getting dinosaurs in the mix.


(2017, Paperback, 38 pages)

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