The Lies Beneath the Mask

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The Lies Beneath the Mask
by Linda L. Nucci, R.N. In 1994, an outrageous act of medical negligence took place at a self-proclaimed, prestigious hospital in Rochester, New York. The Lies Beneath the Mask walks you through each step of the act, starting in the operating room, to the hospital cover-up, and through a courtroom trial where lies ran rampant. The depth of the cover-up will be exposed as you read the appalling testimony of those involved, written verbatim from the actual trial transcript. Linda L. Nucci, a registered nurse, reveals the failure of our government to protect the public by allowing sub-standard medical care to exist. Youll learn the shocking truth about how negligent doctors continue to practice medicine. Linda wrote The Lies Beneath the Mask on behalf of her loving husband, Joseph Sr., who, nine years later, continues to suffer a fate worse than death. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Linda L. Nucci (born Simeone) met Joseph Nucci Sr. in high school and the two married in 1967. The couple raised two sons, Joseph Jr. and Nicholas James, and a daughter, Daneane Marie. They currenlty have two grandsons and two granddaughters. (2004, paperback, 168 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.