The Life and Loves of Twylia

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The Life and Loves of Twylia
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The Life and Loves of Twylia
by Twylia DuBois

The author survived tragedies in her childhood. She grew up to be a loving mother of six children and ten grandchildren. Her story starts at her birth on July 25, 1930. The reader discovers what life was like in the olden days of radio vs. television, candlelight vs. electricity, outdoor vs. indoor bathroom facilities.

We know that tragedy in childhood can scar a life forever, so we wonder how this girl grew up to be grateful and loving. This is a true story about Twylia's life, experiences, and how she coped with them.

About the Author

The author, Twylia Adams DuBois, spent two years remembering the stories in this book. Her granddaughter loved hearing stories of her life and asked her grandmother to write them down.

At age 11, Twylia's happy childhood was shattered by the tragic murder attempt and suicide of her parents.

At age 17, the author married her handsome first husband Lloyd to escape from bad circumstances. Their happy marriage lasted 48 years until he died of cancer on Christmas morning.

At age 68, she found the love of her life and enjoyed ten years of marriage to Claud before his death. They shared wonderful friendships, trips, and love like she had never before experienced.

The author's strength of character was learned through adversity. She has a special ability to see good in others. Instead of dwelling on the unhappy times in her life, she chooses to be grateful for happy times. This book is Twylia's legacy of love for her many friends and family.

(2014, Hardcover, 118 pages)