The Life of a Saint or Sinner

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The Life of a Saint or Sinner
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The Life of a Saint or Sinner
by Debbie Mowday

Debbie Mowdays The Life of a Saint or Sinner explains how you can give your problems to Jesus and how He answers your questions.

Putting God first and having faith in Jesus will give you an abundant life. Acting on the will of God will put you on the path of righteousness and keep you close to Jesus.

About the Author:

Author Debbie Mowday is a writer and preacher of her own Bible Study group. As an RN, BSN in nursing, Mowday is also a helper to nursing home patients. She is member of Alpha, two Prayer Groups, and the Legion of Mary.

Mowday is a dedicated wife and mother of two adult sons and one adult daughter with special needs. Recently, she became a grandmother of a little girl.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)