The Lions Retire

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The Lions Retire

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The Lions Retire
by Andrew Wisley

The Lions Retire is a book that uses the animal kingdom community as a backdrop to expand students knowledge and understanding in relationship to:
Science vocabulary encountered at the elementary level;
Social Studies community dynamics;
How writers use word choice or variety in writing; and
A great book for pleasure reading.

Upper Elementary School Instructional & Curriculum Applications:
Science curriculum to reinforce key vocabulary.
Social Studies & Interpersonal Relationships.
Language Arts word choice and word variety vocabulary investigation with writing.

Parent & Educator Reading Comprehension Activities:
Have readers make lists of diurnal, nocturnal, vertebrates, invertebrates, insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, etc., and make illustrations or use magazine or internet pictures to decorate around the lists.
Discuss with the reader(s) how group and individual responsibilities are important in their home, classroom, or world. Discuss how individual talents, gifts, or skills can make a group stronger.
Explain to the reader(s) what personification is, then tell them they have been granted an interview with the animal of their choosing. Have them create questions for their animal and responses they think the animal would have.

About the Author

Andrew is a graduate of Fresno Pacific University, where he achieved his B.A. degree. He also has a masters in education from Framingham College. He has travelled all over the United States and the Americas. Currently Andrew lives in Curitiba, Brazil, with his wonderful family. For the last fourteen years, Mr. Wisley has been teaching and would never dream of going into any other profession. His future goals are to continue writing and publishing books, improve his teaching, and raise his two wonderful kids with his amazing wife.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)