The Little Angels

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The Little Angels

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The Little Angels
by Christine Porter

The Little Angels is a selection of short stories that put an angelic perspective on many commonly known Biblical events.

Written in simple verse for the younger readers and parents alike, it tells of Little Angels who are there to usher in Christs birth, Thanksgiving, and lessons of giving, loving, and trust.

The Little Angels is an exemplary way to introduce angels to children.

About the Author

Christine Porter, 35, is happily married with two children. She and her family live in a small town called Angus in Ontario, Canada.

She wrote The Little Angels stories for her children. Growing up listening to the stories her mother told her, she wanted to write them down.

My children have been my little angels and my inspiration, Porter said. So in truth I dedicated these pieces to them, for their love and teaching me how to love.

(2009, paperback, 30 pages)