The Living Miracle: A Love Story

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The Living Miracle: A Love Story
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The Living Miracle: A Love Story
by Donna D. Vaal

Is Izanagi Okamura a monster or just a man afraid to die?

There is a new world without God, sorrow or love for others, only self. One man attempts to control life. Another tries to reintroduce it.

Hiroto Okamura is given a doll, L4-13354, for his birthday. He quickly discovers that she is special. Together, they struggle to hide her secret until it is time to reveal her true existence.

A greedy perfect world; the choice between morality and covetousness; and the created life that will change everything.

This story takes Hiroto on a journey through life, love, passion, death and spiritual growth. The devotion these two innocent children share is both pure and enduring as they fight to remain together. Follow them as they travel the world telling their story and restoring the Christian faith.

About the Author:

Donna D. Vaal Most of the people who know Donna call her Dee. She is the mother and grandmother of 16. A few of them were born of blood and the rest by heart. As a former foster mom, she has taken in several children and many of them have become a part of her family. Currently, she is a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate) for Dubois County, Indiana. She resides in French Lick, Indiana, with her husband and two 14-year-old girls. She loves to read, paint, dance, sew and play with her animals. Most of her romance novels are written with transnational relationships, simply because Asian men are beautiful. She believes that the world is one, and love is not limited to color, race, or nationality. She also writes childrens and YA stories.

After 5-year-old Peyton Whittington died from DIPG, Donna was so angry that his life was stolen from him at such a young age. She wrote this book to help deal with her anger. Coming to terms with his death and accepting our mortality has helped Donna to heal, not just from the loss of Peyton but from the many children she has since watched die from cancer and other horrible diseases. It asks the question: How far will we go to have perfect, healthy children?

(2016, Paperback, 214 pages)