The Long Night of the Demon

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The Long Night of the Demon
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The Long Night of the Demon
by Mykal Myles

Long before explorers found their way to its shores, there were kingdoms in Africa that rose and fell just as kingdoms all over the ancient world did. There was political intrigue in the ruling families, wars with neighboring kingdoms, diplomatic successes and failures, and romantic rivalries, just as here and now.

The Long Night of the Demon is like Shakespeare set in Africa with its intrigue, suspense, and romance. It is the riveting historical romance of an illicit love affair between a young prince and his sister-in-law, in love since childhood. She is now wife to his older brother, who has been passed over for succession to the throne, and is leading a revolt against their father the king.

But while the young prince is away, the king dies, leaving his wife, the princess Nubasha, in charge of the kingdom. She is determined to destroy her rival sister-in-law and all others who dare stand in her way.

Fueling this tension at every turn are former ruling families who desire to recapture the throne and neighboring tribes envious of the power of this great kingdom. In the midst of it all there arrives in the dead of night the Demon, in the form of the giant leopard, who not only steals the life of an innocent child but also destroys the traditional, outward, peace and decorum by revealing the people's inner hatreds and bitter rivalries. The Long Night of the Demon will hold you spellbound with its intrigues and rivalries between two brothers for the throne of a kingdom and two women for the love of one man.

(2012, paperback, 178 pages)