The Long Road Home: Helen's Journey with Alzheimer's

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The Long Road Home: Helen's Journey with Alzheimer's

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The Long Road Home: Helen's Journey with Alzheimer's
by Brenda Springhetti

The Long Road Home is a daughters personal account of the struggles she and her family experienced as they help their mother and grandmother cope with the devastating effects of Alzheimers. From the early onset when it is suspected something was wrong to the end of Helens journey, this story could be retold by countless families who have also walked with a loved one along this same uncertain road. As the story unfolds, changing relationships are revealed as well as heartbreaking losses, moments of laughter, and difficult decisions reached. Most significantly, this story triumphs Helens love of life and laughter as well as her steadfast dignity and peaceful acceptance in coping with the final stages of Alzheimers.

About the Author

Brenda Springhetti graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in occupational therapy. Her most recent employment was twelve years spent working as a recreational assistant in an adult day care run by Goodwill Industries of Southeast Wisconsin. Senior citizens with various disabilities, including Alzheimers, were participants in that program. Brenda raised a family in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where she and her husband of 33 years still reside today.

(2011, paperback , 74 pages)