The Lord's Code

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The Lord's Code
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The Lords Code
by Angelo Portelli

This is a book that shows you a full-sized panoramic drama unfolding in full detail through the eyes of the Lord, from the first day of creation to that dreadful day of Armageddon. Its a reliable cipher of riddles that humanity has confronted and stumbled upon throughout history. It is a tool of the Almighty God, one that smites and slashes all the theories and hypotheses that science and skeptics alike have produced in order to mislead humanity.

Our generation is knowingly walking on a tightrope and freely accepts the deceptions of fraudulent people seeking wealth and fame. These puppets, who belong to the kingdom of darkness, will eventually lead us into the abyss of eternal damnation. This book is one of the tools that should wake up this generation to action.

To those who have ears, The Lords Code is the pathfinder to the Living God. Its a guide for you to follow, one that should help you to observe His Commandments and to respect, read and accept the Word of the Almighty God written in Holy Scripture. There are two entities that are constantly fighting for your soul, good and evil! Your future lies on a pair of scales: which way it will go depends on your choice!

One final word: In one of the chapters, there is an eerie hidden message address to the Western world!

(2015, Paperback, 518 pages)