The Lost Pilgrim

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The Lost Pilgrim
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The Lost Pilgrim
by David N. Cousins

The Lost Pilgrim is the story of one mans spiritual quest.

Chris, a pastor filled with increasing despair, reaches a breaking point. He and his associate, Ruth, are into their third Sunday service when suddenly he rests his hand on her shoulder. Though intended as an innocent gesture, Chris erupts with doubts about his faith, his vocation, and himself. Deciding to take a sabbatical, he begins a pilgrimage to rediscover his faithand himself. On his journey, friends and colleagues are drawn to help him. Instead, they rediscover themselves and their own faith.

Chriss journey climaxes in a way that none would expect, affecting the unwitting congregation dramatically. As the story unfolds, readers are led to explore hidden and fascinating dimensions of Christianity, as well as their own personal search for meaning.

About the Author

A Methodist pastor for forty-seven years, David N. Cousins, reveals an insider perspective on the church, as only a pastor can.

A graduate of Wheaton College with two Masters and a Doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary, David has been pastor to nine different congregations of all sizes and theological perspectives. Having served as District Superintendent and Adjunct Professor at Drew University and Eastern Baptist Seminary, David continues to share his life-long experience in the church as a pastor to pastors. He and his wife, Barbara, live in rural New Jersey. He is working on his next book, a novel about artificial intelligence.

(2012, hardcover, 238 pages)