The Mafia Man - eBook

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The Mafia Man - eBook

The Mafia Man                           

Through the Eyes of a Criminal

By: Christopher Kenneth Patton

About the Book

What if it were possible to be a real Mafia man? What does it take to be an organized criminal that never gets caught? Would you like to be able to do whatever you want, no matter what? The answer to these questions is probably yes to some and no to others.

                From narrow escapes with the law to the high-class living this kind of lifestyle can pay for, in this book the reader will meet a Mafia man, Rick Thompson, and will experience just what an organized criminal may do. Maybe you will find out if you can succeed as a career criminal or that you could never do anything like it.

                If you have decided that you are not Mafia material, then the author hopes this story keeps you at the edge of your seat and keeps you suspended in the lifestyle of a

professional conman.


About the Author

Christopher Kenneth Patton grew up in rural Iowa and rural Nebraska, moving between the two states more than one time. He graduated from a public high school in June of 2001 and then attended Iowa Central Community College where he obtained a

technical degree.

                After college, Patton worked as an engineer for four years, before he decided to retire from the field and become an author.


(2018, eBook)