The Magical Broomstick

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The Magical Broomstick

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The Magical Broomstick
by Melody Kratsios
with illustrations by Audrey Watson Wigley

The Magical Broomstick begins with a young girl telling her story, and she is walking to school one morning. She thinks a broomstick is following her. She cannot understand how a broomstick can walk. Furthermore, the broomstick begins to call out to her. She decides it must be magic, even though she is not sure magic exists.

She talks about the broomstick at show-and-tell, but it will not walk or talk, so all the other students laugh at her. This makes her unhappy, and when she asks the broomstick why it wouldnt walk or talk for the other students, it tells her they must believe in their heart for the magic to be real.

The Magical Broomstick is designed to entertain and delight young readers.

About the Author

Melody M. Kratsioss picture book debut has brought back imagination that might have been lost. Melodys mission is to convey to young children that it is okay to use your imagination, no matter what your age and no matter if you are a child or adult. She is interested in recreating imagination the way it used to be, before computers and technology entered the home and with this the hope that children will keep on reading books for a very long time to come. It is how you see it from your own eyes.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)