The Man Behind the Uniform

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The Man Behind the Uniform

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The Man Behind the Uniform
by J.C. Hall

The Man Behind the Uniform details the evolution of a nave young man into the hard-nosed police officer the criminal element saw. From a period when the treatment for post-traumatic stress was a three-day drinking binge to a period when the condition was acknowledged but not well dealt with, this story is a roller coaster ride with humor, tragedy, anger, and venting.

J.C. Hall was not a famous detective. He was the sort of general-duty street and traffic policeman you most commonly deal with. There are no headline-grabbing incidents, just a series of traumatic events that took place over 32 years.

The Man Behind the Uniform does not seek your sympathy. J.C. Hall asks that you simply try to understand that going from death and destruction, violence and confrontation to humor and even boredom will affect the soul, and he endeavors to explain how.

The only heroes in The Man Behind the Uniform are the wives and spouses of the police officers and their children, who are being raised by people trying to be normal parents after spending a shift bathed in someone elses blood, trying to put their two-year-old to bed after carrying another into the morgue only four hours ago.

(2011, paperback, 420 pages)