The Man Hunt Club - eBook

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The Man Hunt Club - eBook

The Man Hunt Club

By: Brooke Comeau

About the Book

Their Highlanders

With a Meddling Grannie trying to play matchmaker, a villain threatening to kill them, and two bewitching debutants, what are two Highlanders to do! Battling real danger and passionate kisses they would soon find out what happily ever after was all about.


Their Rakes

How difficult could it be to dress in disguise and enter a gentlemen’s domain, a gambling hell to be precise… Becca and Jane were about to find out. To catch their rakes, they must be bold and daring! With a menacing evil stalking them and pure determination to prove they more than met the match of their stubborn men only fate could decide and a little help from their man hunt club!


Their Surrender

The remaining men couldn’t understand why their friends were willingly giving up their bachelorhood! Yes, this group of women were exceptional and, with danger closing in, emotions were high, but marriage! With steamy kisses, revealing dresses, and naughty intentions, how are rakes to resist. Maybe surrender wasn’t such a bad idea, with suitors closing in and villains threatening their women they would have to quickly decide what they wanted before it was too late.



About the Author


Brooke Comeau loves to write romance and, until recently, lived the perfect fairy tale with her dashing husband, Patrick, and two teenage daughters, Riley and Madyson.

                Healing from the recent loss of her husband, Brooke moved with their girls to Arizona to be close to family; learning to live a new reality. The women in this family are strong and will continue to be sassy, loving, heroines. Brooke loves to write and loves her fans for asking for more and more.

                Brooke’s debut novel, Gentlemen Be WARNED of a DETERMINED Miss and her single-volume trilogy Courting, Danger, & Seduction are available now on Amazon and on shelves at Barnes and Noble.


(2018, eBook)