The Man Who Taught Me - eBook

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The Man Who Taught Me - eBook

The Man Who Taught Me

By: Andrew Zysek

About the Book

The Man Who Taught Me takes the readers into the deeply felt relationship between Andrew Zysek and his grandfather. This bond is tested in numerous ways; from the eager learning of an anxious youngster to the near-death experience in a car accident.

                This book goes right on through the author’s teenage years when he would finally receive a much wanted golden retriever puppy and on through when he builds his dream cabin with the help of his grandfather.

                Zysek believes that his carefully crafted words will take the readers through hundreds of experiences and little life lessons that were shared between himself and his grandfather that would leave a lasting mark on the author’s inner character. He thinks that these words and memories will appeal not only to the outdoorsman, but to anyone who values a good story about a father and his son. Zysek wants to take the reader on an edge burning adventure of life and freedom amongst the great outdoors.


About the Author

Andrew Zysek calls himself a modern day outdoorsman and was reared by a single mother and raised with a fundamental influence from his grandparents.

                Zysek has had numerous articles given to his name, most of which appear in various outdoor and trapping magazines. The Man Who Taught Me was inspired by an early article he had written in high school about his beginning adventures. The author is sure that he will provide more writing to the world for years to come.


(2018, eBook)