The Mannequin Conspiracy

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The Mannequin Conspiracy

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The Mannequin Conspiracy
by Billy Frampton

In West London, Detective Chief Inspector Charles Wellington heads up a search for a missing girl. Instead, he locates a soaked mannequin with an unexploded bomb in its head. This discovery leads to the uncovering of a plot to fire bomb House of Fraser stores. Wellingtons investigation is further complicated by a liaison with a senior MI5 operative, a strange meeting in the vaults of MI5 building, the murder of his sidekicks lover, and a lack of support from his superiors.

About the Author

Billy Frampton was born in East London, UK, raised in Essex, and now lives mostly in South Africa. He met his South African wife while teaching in West London and moved to Jeffreys Bay, South Africathe surfers paradisein 2004.

He has three daughters still living in the UK.

(2010, paperback, 116 pages)