The Manuscript

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The Manuscript
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The Manuscript
by Colin Ninvalle

The Manuscript highlights the events that came to life from a chance meeting between a child, a man named Pancho and a stranger in a park in Toronto, Canada. The child, a boy, hands the pages of a manuscript to Pancho who sat on a bench reading a newspaper in the park on a September day. Then it started to rain. Pancho quickly gathered his papers and headed home. He looked forward to celebrating his birthday by having Chinese food. While waiting for his order, he was about to get something to drink when he noticed the manuscript sticking out from the newspaper. He pulled it out and was astonished to discover that it was written by a stranger: a man with a military bearing whom he had met weeks earlier in the very same park. He had learnt little about the stranger at the time because the man had abruptly ended the encounter explaining that he had to finish something. Could this manuscript, which the stranger entitled My Last Confession, be that something? Curious to find out more, Pancho begins to read.

Apart from his early life experience, the stranger had written about his beliefs and views that somewhat came from deep down his very own soul in his quest for understanding and wisdom. Could the manuscript provide the answer Pancho is groping for in his own question about himself? Could the words carefully and thoughtfully placed inside the manuscript change his life or anybodys life?

About the Author

Colin Ninvalle has authored scholarly works in the subjects areas of sociology and psychology. He is a published poet and is now in the process of finishing a case study to complete a book on autism. Born in Guyana and now a dual (Guyanese-Canadian) citizen, he stands out among a special group of individuals who have been the beneficiaries of an ancient tradition, which awards a rare value to those who achieved mastery of the pen and sword. An international scholar, in addition to his writings, he has presented his ideas at academic conferences and taught at universities on different continents. On the other hand, he has been a successful competitor in the art of kumite, defeating many top-rated fighters in karate tournaments at the regional, national and international levels. He won the prestigious Kobota Cup twice in a row and in 1984 represented Canada in the distinguished World Wado Ryu Karate Tournament held that year in Tokyo, Japan.

The author lives in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

(2012, paperback, 36 pages)