The Max Poems for Children

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The Max Poems for Children

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The Max Poems for Children
by Joel Sandulli

The author has written nine charming poems for children centering on the adventures of a boy and a talking dog. They start with the boy dreaming about an adventure with a dog. On waking he finds that a dog like the one he was dreaming of has found its way to his home. Together they travel to dreamland, to a nearby forest, and even to Mars.

Some poems are just flights of imagination with fun being the major point. Other poems try to teach a lesson, such as, one should not make judgments about others based on peoples prejudices and that when one loves another his heart can be broken.

About the Author

Joel Sandulli is a college history teacher living in Connecticut. He has published mainly nonfiction material until recently, when he published a novella, Death of a Friend. He is a professional oil painter and illustrated all the artwork in this book.

Mr. Sandulli has found writing for children brings out the child in himflights of fancy and living in a world where nothing is impossible. He originally wrote these poems solely for a child he knew, but when he read them to other children, they enjoyed them immensely, so he decided to publish them for the pleasure of all children.

(2011, paperback, 36 pages)