The Mayans and The Black Mamba

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The Mayans and The Black Mamba

The Mayans and The Black Mamba

By: Sidney E. Poindexter


About the Book

Sidney E. Poindexter’s Black Mamba returns in this Mayan Egyptian crossover. You may wonder, how in the world does the black mamba end up meeting the Mayans? This is what happened over in Egypt. Lia the voodoo witch put a spell on the evil black mamba and he is sent back in time with the ancient Mayans. In order for the spell to be broken, the black mamba has to be good for 24 hours. Can this evil demon be good that long? Find out in The Mayans and The Black Mamba.


About the Author

Sidney E. Poindexter has many children’s books: Cobrina and Mongoose-Ra, Mongoose Girl VS. The Black Mamba, The Egyptians and The Black Mamba and The Mayans and the Black Mamba. He has many characters inside his new book: Jana, Cachelle, Jalissa, Llette and Shayla.


(2020, Paperback, 52 Pages)


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