The Meeting Place

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The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place

By: David MacDonald

About the Book

Books are written. Sometimes people write the book; other times, something comes through the person. The question becomes, “what comes through?”

Many writers, artists, musicians have recognized this distinction, and most have been at a loss to describe it, although they know and sense the “something.” Perhaps in the reading, or the listening, we also connect to the “something,” and in the connection, there is a shift in mood, awareness, and state of being.

David MacDonald trusts that, in the reading of The Meeting Place, readers will connect with the “something” and that each time readers embrace it, they will leave with something more of themselves.


About the Author

David MacDonald was born in Scotland in 1950. A co-founder of Scotland’s first organic restaurant in 1970, he moved to Lake Tahoe in 1973. After his first experience with Rolfing, he has devoted himself to the healing arts and sciences. Exploration of consciousness is a lifelong passion of his.

MacDonald maintains a private Rolfing practice in Reno, Nevada, and also offers Attunement meditations. He has been married to Kathleen for thirty-seven years, and they have a twenty-seven-year-old son, Ossian, who works in the family healing center.


(2018, Paperback, 42 pages)

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