The Merry Tots

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The Merry Tots
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The Merry Tots
by Wendy Ann Morgan

Illustrated by Asheley Chan Koak

Childhood learning is made up of memorable experiences. During those happy, carefree days, we played hopscotch, tag, jacks, cowboys and Indians, Red Rover and hide-and-seek. Thus, begins the story of Penelope Poole. Each summer she visits her Aunt Melissa, makes new friends and forms a club called The Merry Tots. The girls start a newspaper called The Tots Tattler. Not selling many newspapers, however, creates a problem for them. How will they solve this problem? Will they be successful? What life values will they learn?

About the Author

Wendy Ann Morgan lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a sports enthusiast, following college and professional sports. In addition, she has a strong interest and vast knowledge in theatre and film. Wendys inspiration for the book emanated from Louisa May Alcotts Little Women. The uniquely different and resourceful characters and their experiences provide insight into the characters in The Merry Tots.

About the Illustrator

Asheley Chan Koak graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, specializing in illustrations for childrens books. The Merry Tots is her first book. Her inspiration and passion for art comes from her reflection of early childhood memories and her love of nature. A native of South Korea, Asheley now lives in Los Angeles, California.

(2014, Hardcover, 24 pages)