The Missing Diamond

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The Missing Diamond

The Missing Diamond

By: Soorya Shanmugam


About the Book

In Washington DC, the Hope Diamond is stolen from the Smithsonian. Theo, a twelve-year-old boy, finds a sparkling, blue diamond in Las Vegas. The Smithsonian Faculty contacts a US soldier, Phoenix Estes. Will Theo help Phoenix to retrieve the stolen diamond? Will the Hope Diamond be restored to its rightful place, or will it be lost to history forever?


About the Author

Soorya Shanmugam enjoys writing stories, when he has ideas. He is a Boy Scout, piano player, and loves to travel the world. He has tremendous interest in learning about people and places, which encourages him to research and use what he finds in his stories. The Missing Diamond is his first published work. This work is special as it shows the courage of a preteen, and his message to the world that anything can happen.


(2020, Paperback, 40 Pages)


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