The Moon Sister Mysteries - eBook

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The Moon Sister Mysteries - eBook

The Moon Sister Mysteries

By: Karen Carlson

About the Book

No one knows where they got the nickname, Moon Sisters, but what everyone does know is that Maisy and Millie are two exceptional Basset Hounds. They have many surprising skills, but what they are best at is solving mysteries. They are at their happiest when they get to use their skills to help others.

                In The Case of the Lost Puppy, Maisy and Millie—along with the help of some good friends—try to solve the mystery of a puppy who has gone missing. Are these Moon Sisters up to the challenge? Tag along with them as they follow the scent in The Moon Sister Mysteries: The Case of the Lost Puppy.

About the Author

 Karen Carlson is a wife, mother of two adult children, and a seamstress. She loves books and Basset Hounds. Karen lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband and their two new Basset Hound puppies.


(2017, eBook)