The Narcodollar Chieftains: The Narcotics Godfathers

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The Narcodollar Chieftains: The Narcotics Godfathers

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The Narcodollar Chieftains: The Narcotics Godfathers
by Keemholems Ojei

In our society today, the war against the propagation and abuse of narcotics seems to be unending. The battle against the Mafia chieftains and their cronies, who persist to progress their accumulation of riches, and the amplification of mad people who roam the streets is at its peak. Leading the worlds nations in this momentous crusade are the United States of America, Russia, Britain, and Nigeria.

Special Agent Richmond Collins is given the herculean task of going undercover in the Mafia chieftain of chieftains coca plantation in Peru to obtain crucial data for the War against Drugs campaign, as well as to try to capture Ridwitz Rodnoviskey, alias Gucci von Horrori Giovianelli, the Mafia chieftain of chieftains.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, President Fidelia Nwosu-Johanson is faced with a tough dilemma. Her only daughter is kidnapped by the Mafia intelligence, and she has to make a choicedrop her stance in the War against Drugs or let her daughter face the brutal torture and, ultimately, death?

About the Author

Keemholems Ojei is a native of Delta State, Nigeria. A philanthropist at heart, he is an accounting graduate, a tennis and music enthusiast, and has also authored several works and poetries. He currently resides in Germany.

(2011, paperback, 200 pages)