The Necklace

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The Necklace

The Necklace

By: James Hughes


About the Book


A young boy dreams of finding a magic necklace. The necklace and its history lead him on a path to learn more of its mysterious origin. The need to solve a puzzle and to find the true history of the necklace follows him to adulthood as he traverses through generations to determine the real meaning behind the magic necklace. In the end, he may just discover the necklace is a symbol for a wrong that has been righted.



About the Author


James Hughes has always had dreams that seemed real, and he wondered if he could bottle one of these dreams and create a story. His dreams always run on without a complete path to a realistic ending. He decided he would envision an ending to one of his dreams and then set out to find the path to finality and write down the journey. Being an ardent fan of American history, Hughes has always wanted to find a way to weave in factual history elements into his writing. In this tale, some research provided historical details that advance the story along. In July of 2019 he felt he had achieved not what he had first envisioned, but the path to an ending that suited him.



(2019, paperback, 54 pages)

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