The No Horn Unicorn

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The No Horn Unicorn

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The No Horn Unicorn
by David Watson

Have you ever seen a fire breathing dragon or a huge mammoth or an extinct dinosaur? No? Neither has David, but very early one morning, and not so long ago, he did see a no horn unicorn. The unicorn was small, white, hornless, and very friendly. The no horn unicorn also brought back into Davids temporarily lonely life more hope, happiness, and a desire to befriend both man and beast. So here is to your own happy unicorning.

About the Author

Author David Watson is a retired United States Air Force Officer and Physician Assistant-Certified. David also worked in a Veterans Affairs Hospital for ten years as a physician assistant in a very successful drug and alcohol treatment program. David is a family man and the father to two daughters and the grandfather to three grandchildren. David has been an instructor and teacher to many over the years. As a senior citizen, he is climaxing his career and life by writing about personal life experiences. His books are based on his mature and broad based knowledge and they provide significant insight, meaning, and philosophical motivation to all, especially small children and young adults.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)