The No Trading Rule

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The No Trading Rule
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The No Trading Rule
by Peggy Moffitt Earnest, PhD

Meet Gigi, a fun-loving, friendly, and freckle-faced girl who happens to have food allergies. In The No Trading Rule, Gigi takes you to Ms. Van Lawsons classroom at the Hanford W. Prince Elementary School. While there, you will see just what it takes to keep Gigi safe at school, from her own unique, light-hearted, and amusing perspective. Along the way you will meet some very important people, including Nurse Heather, who tries to educate a class full of imaginative eight-year-olds about the reality of anaphylaxis.

Based loosely on the food allergy experiences of the authors own daughter, this fictional work is the first in a series of stories designed to entertain young readers, while also educating them about the challenges of life as a food allergic kid (FAK). The No Trading Rule will introduce the reader to Gigis classmates and friends as, together, they learn about the danger of anaphylaxis, the reason for a 504 plan, and especially the importance of the no trading rule.

About the Author:

Peggy Moffitt Earnest, PhD is a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. She enjoys writing childrens fiction with a purpose, as well as non-fiction essays and poetry. She is the mother of three children, one of whom has had significant food allergies for her entire childhood. Dr. Earnest resides in Eastern Connecticut with her husband and children.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)