The Oak Tree

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The Oak Tree
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The Oak Tree
by Paula Nance Ragland

Once there was a child who loved an oak tree. The child grew up in the shadows and branches of the tree. As life goes on, both the child and the tree grow older. Tragedy strikes in later years, but beauty comes from the ruins. Paula Nance Ragland tells and illustrates this beautiful story. It was written to please all readers who have ever marveled at the magnificence of a tree.

The Oak Tree is a delightful tale of overcoming adversity and moving forward in life no matter your age.

About the Author:

Paula Nance Ragland grew up in a small town in Tennessee. She spent the early years of her life building homes with her father who was a carpenter and toiling in the soil with her mother who was a gardener. She retired from elementary school administration and is presently an English professor in Memphis, Tennessee. She is Grandmommy Polly to her twin granddaughters Maggie and Clem. Ragland has a business of drawing name art; it is called Pollys Pen Whimsical Name Art.

The story of the oak tree was told to Ragland as she admired many intricately woven baskets in a home for sale in Jackson, Tennessee. It was the old home place of three generations. An elderly gentleman was selling the home to move into a retirement facility. It was he who wove the baskets and was still carrying on his art form.

(2016, Hardcover, 50 pages)