The One-Legged Lady from Balmoral Road

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The One-Legged Lady from Balmoral Road
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The One-Legged Lady from Balmoral Road
by Karen Stanley

This book is about nobody in particular, but maybe there is a little fragment of all us in there somewhere!

Kaz is a frustrated, slightly scatty, mobile hairdresser who careens through life, forced to watch endless, often seemingly pointless, daytime TV and shares inconsequential chit-chat with her colourful client list, fuelled by the odd glug of Chardonnay! Her family is more than a little dysfunctional and her love life is little more than dysfunctional.

Kaz and her best friend Mags are on a mission to compile a list of their Top Ten you couldnt make it up moments and just lately the moments seem to be coming thick and fast..

About the Author

Karen Stanley is forty-four years old. She has been teaching for fifteen years and has worked as a hairdresser and many other jobs. She has always had a love of books and writing from a young age and loves nothing better than to devour a book for hours on end, locking herself away from the stresses and strains of life.

Karen lives in Kent with her wonderfully supportive husband and has one equally wonderful, grown up son, Ben. When she is not working she shuts herself away in her office, tapping away furiously on the computer that she has never quite learnt how to work properly. She particularly enjoys the lighter side of life and is a strong advocate of the benefits of a good sense of humour, much preferring it to the alternative which seems to be sobbing in a corner. It was these factors that inspired her to write the The One-Legged Lady from Balmoral Road and to share her satirical view of life.

(2014, Paperback, 142 pages)