The Onyx Star

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ISBN: 978-1-4349-9083-9
The Onyx Star
by Jessica Eccles The Onyx Star is a story narrated by Buster, a black lab dog who is part of the animal kingdom of Palooga. Buster tells the story of his younger brother, Farley. As young puppies, Nicole becomes the master-mate of Farley and DJ becomes Busters master-mate. Farley travels with Nicole to college, where he plays on the beach and learns valuable lessons from other animals, including rats and rabbits, on what to do and what not to do. One night Farley travels to many places, including Palooga Cove, where he learns language from Dog Talk Grove, and Chaucers Crystal Palace, where he learns that his star of origin is Onyx and the importance of Onyx. He visits the leader of the animal kingdom, where he is briefed on his lineage, understands that his life path unfolds based on his life choices, and understands dogs are directly connected to loving unconditionally and healing. Farley shares with Buster that healing is letting go of fear and it is one of the primary thresholds Buster needs to overcome. Buster and Farleys life paths are very different, as are their experiences, but one thing they do have in common is they were birthed under the star sign of Gemini, therefore being twins, yet their experiences are very opposite. The Onyx Star is about the inner relationship between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom and how these two kingdoms need each other for their own soulful evolution. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jessica Eccles was born the ninth child of ten in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She spent the majority of her youth growing up in Southern California. As a young adult, she began traveling internationally and lived abroad for several years. Her travels include the Pacific Rim, South America, and Western Europe. Jessica is now recently retired from a Fortune 100 company. She decided to open a yoga studio in partnership with her beloved daughter. Just four months after receiving her yoga teaching certification, Om Shanti Yoga Studio was birthed on a quiet afternoon in the spring of 2006 in a small bedroom community nestled quietly in the San Joaquin Valley of California called Lodi. Jessica has appeared on local cable TV shows and has done several radio interviews sharing her angelic story. She is a mother of two, grandmother of three, a grandpooma of three glorious grand-pups (Higbee, Ollie, and Bret), and a published author, and she is actively involved in writing childrens metaphysical books. (2008, paperback, 46 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.