The Origin of Space Stars Planets and Life

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The Origin of Space Stars Planets and Life

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The Origin of Space Stars Planets and Life
by Gary Weise

The author has written what he believes is a simple and easy to read explanation of life and the universe. He needed the explanation for himself and after spending many years developing it he decided it may be useable by others that also need to have some scientific answers. The content of this book is politically proper and should appeal to both religious people and nonreligious people. This little book is a good primer for anyone interested about the origin of life and human behavior. The author has a great desire to motivate the production of a generation of heroes that have the mental ability to make great improvements of our world. He hopes this little book helps to create some of those heroes. Arise great ones for the world has a need for thee!

About the Author

The author is a native Texan born to an unhealthy family. He eventually became a normal person and decided to invest in the studies of life science and human advent. He is comfortable being the listener, being in a crowd, and also being alone.

(2009, paperback, 124 pages)