The Other Side of the Mushroom

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9018-8
The Other Side of the Mushroom
by George D. Vazov George D. Vazovs The Other Side of the Mushroom is a story about children which blends fairy tale and lyrical verse to create a unique and imaginative narrative. In this whimsical narrative, Brian and Vanessa Owen are transported to the magical Mushroomland. There the children encounter different characters including Zanda, the Fairy of Dreams and Life; Tsar Gabbar, the King of the Middle; and the Diamond Queen. During their dream-quest, the children learn about the meaning of life, the consequences of war, and peace. With The Other Side of the Mushroom, Vazov has created a rich and detailed adventure tale with many twists and turns. In addition, Vazov uses fun, rhyming prose and his fertile description of magical worlds to increase his storys appeal to the young reader. ABOUT THE AUTHOR George D. Vazov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. He is the grand-nephew of the famous Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov, whose works have been translated into many languages. His father, Dimitri Vazov, was an actor in French silent movies and a poet. His mother, Antoinette Padev, who had written short pieces for Radio Free Europe, encouraged him to write his first poems when he was seven years old. In addition to The Other Side of the Mushroom, Vazov has written over sixty poems on the Internet. He is a retired computer programmer who lives with his wife Violeta in Garden Grove, California. (2006, paperback, 90 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.