The Other Side of the Track

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The Other Side of the Track
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The Other Side of the Track
by Driago Olinde

In a world where street racing is a lifestyle and accepted by the law, the only threat to their way of life is each other. After a devastating attempt on Ravens life, he finds himself in the care of his best friend, a former girlfriend, and a loyal friend from his childhood. As his enemies make attempts on the ones he loves, Raven must find a way to protect them as he works his way up the charts. A showdown for the city begins as Raven chases after the mastermind behind it all.

About the Author

Driago Olinde was born in Louisiana. He lived in the country for the first three years of his life. When his parents moved him to the city, he had to meet and start new friends. He was a shy little boy, so instead he used his creative imagination to give himself hours of entertainment. Being an only child, he started to unleash that creative mind through his writing. Creating those worlds, characters, and heartfelt stories, he began working on making a story.

With a love for cars, excitement, and adrenaline inspired by video games and street racing films, Driago began writing The Other Side of the Track in his junior year of high school. He wanted to set a new theme within the racing community. High school activities and going off to college caused The Other Side of the Track to sit on his parents book shelf.

After the death of an actor in his favorite movie series, Driago revisited the book. He decided it was time for the world to enjoy reading The Other Side of the Track.

(2014, Paperback, 86 pages)