The Pandemonium Bar & Grill (And Other Stories)

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The Pandemonium Bar & Grill (And Other Stories)

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The Pandemonium Bar & Grill (And Other Stories)
by Paul Kennedy Mueller

A season of catastrophes along the Susquehanna; a haphazard conversation with a notorious skyjacker; a friendly tour of Hell; an Elvis clone dropped off by a UFO; a world-changing plot hatched in a Mississippi bait shackthese and other zany, eclectic elements populate this collection of short stories where dark wit meets twisted expectation.

About the Author

Paul Kennedy Mueller works as a senior public information officer for the University of California at San Diego. A well-traveled Army bratthe second of nine childrenand a veteran, he worked as a grease-monkey, bartender, school-bus driver, journalist, technical editor, proposal coordinator, university lecturer, and director of corporate communications before his current position in academe. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at Penn State University and has published poetry in regional and national journals. He and his wife, Clare Marie Kristofco, an associate chancellor and chief of staff, live in San Diego.

(2010, paperback, 92 pages)