The Passing of Mother Mary

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The Passing of Mother Mary

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The Passing of Mother Mary
by Christina Reyes

A child named Brownlow is unfortunately born through an act of rape. Her heartless aunt, Mary Catherine, is pretending to be the prestigious Mother Superior of a well-known Catholic church in Iowa. She has obtained custody of her niece. As she raises Brownlow, she mistreats her, and issues the most abusive disciplines. Mary Catherine later realizes that the child has an inheritance worth millions. An ailing priest steps in and intervenes. He helps the child escape from her abusive aunt, but before he dies, he gives the child all the information that she needs to find her true identity.

Through the death of Mother Mary, comes the ending of the pain that has tormented a family, a town, and a child without a name.

About the Author

Christina Reyes started writing at the age of fourteen. Her grandmother, Tinnie Maude Talley, encouraged her to be an eloquent speaker as well as being well versed in her writing. Christina enjoys philosophical stories, humorous tales, and family-oriented novels that are full of emotions and personal experiences.

Christina is currently single and lives in Conant Gardens, a prominent area in Detroit Michigan. Christina looks forward to writing more stories that will be enjoyed by future avid readers worldwide.

(2009, paperback, 148 pages)