The Passions of my Pilgrim's Ride

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The Passions of my Pilgrim's Ride

The Passions of My Pilgrim’s Ride

By: Ernest Timnge

About the Book

The Passions of My Pilgrim’s Ride is a blend of fiction and the author’s story about how he grew up. In the book, Ernest Timnge shares his own personal experiences and those of others with the hope of convincing people that, though many rides might be rough and dreary, relentless efforts and determination are the materials that will fill the potholes to give a smooth ride along the path from childhood to adulthood.

Nothing good comes easy. As human beings, we have to know that life is a journey made up of hills and valleys. In order to be successful in life, we need to know it is difficult to sail through the storms of life.


About the Author

Ernest Timnge was born and raised at Ikuijua, a typical rural African polygamous society in Kom, Boyo Division in the former British Southern Cameroons. His elementary education was at the Presbyterian School Ngwah where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate. His parents were not financially able to sponsor him to go to a secondary school. Caregiving, especially babysitting, became his most cherished chore. After realizing his unsuccessful attempts to make life inside and outside Kom, his uncle Professor Nelson Ngoh gave him an opportunity in his pilgrim’s ride to care for his kids in Yaoundé.

Within this period, Timnge’s uncle provided time and the means for him to attend evening classes where he obtained the General Certificate of Education at the ordinary and advanced levels. He then continued to the University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroun where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in African Literature. Presently he is a holder of a Master of Arts degree in Education from Strayer University in Washington, DC, USA. Timnge studied for his second master’s at the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, Early Childhood Education and Special Education at the University of Kentucky, USA.

Timnge is currently working as an English language trainer and consultant at the Saudi Mining Polytechnic in Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


(2019, Paperback, 110 pages)

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