The Past Is Never Dead

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The Past Is Never Dead
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The Past Is Never Dead
by Willard G. Oriol

The Past Is Never Dead is a dramatic work of historical fiction centered in the Balkan country of Bulgaria. Its story is rooted in a true depiction of events that occurred in Bulgaria from 1939 to 1946.

The principals in this tale of the survival of 50,000 Bulgarian Jews in a country allied with Nazi Germany are both real and fictional.

This book unfolds the evolution of a young mans search and discovery of his dormant ethnic and religious identity.

About the Author

Willard G. Oriol spent over five months as a consultant in three Eastern European countries, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Lithuania. He discovered the extraordinary background of his story on a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria in 1997.

Mr. Oriol, a retired Advertising and Public Relations Executive, has written several industrial films, three screenplays and over fifty TV commercials.

(2013, paperback, 242 pages)